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El Carmen! Is maybe the oldest and most characteristic district of Valencia. This is the neighborhood where life and people did know how to evolve, transform itself and come back from difficult periods. From a neighborhood for Arabs refugees, crafters and prostitutes. The aristocrat area next to Cavaliers street to the bohemian culture, artists and crafters that take place nowadays in its streets. Today, is the center of the nightlife, for students and tourists that love to spend sometime during the day or taste a cocktail after dinner. El Carmen, is the mix of different cultures, integration of people form different places and local tradition in total harmony.

We will walk around its passages and small streets meeting its main places, the Arab wall ruins, the Christian wall doors that where left. A jump over 2000 years of history!

We will end up tasting the local cocktail Agua de Valencia, made with white wine and orange fresh juice and a tapita to recover some energy!

We will sightseeing: Torres de Serranos, Torres de Quart, Calle de Caballeros, Plaza San Jaume I, Plaza del Carmen and lot more!